Re: How does Person Scoring Work?

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How does Person Scoring Work?

We use behavior scoring as our trigger to flip our leads over to MQL/MQC. It is all based on what behaviors the contacts are performing.

Recently we have been looking closer at our person scoring. Mainly due to the fact that we have the person score on many records less than the behavior score and could not figure out why. This was mainly due to that we initially thought the Score would be the behavior + demographic.


Other than us determining the person scoring ourselves in campaigns. What is the best way to use a person score? I am not finding much documentation on how person score is used in Marketo, and would love to understand how it works or should be used.

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Re: How does Person Scoring Work?

In your scoring programs are you adjusting your person score when you make adjustments to your beh/demo score as well?

I found some topics like this one very helpful.


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Re: How does Person Scoring Work?

You might create smartlists to score key job titles. You would add or subtract points proportionate to our MQL threshold.

For example, write to Demographic score if field: job title contains:

Developer  +10

Executive +30

Director +20

Manager +10

Self-employed -50

Accounts payable -100

In the same smartlist, you would then add the same amount to person score in the flow.

Person score = behavior score+demographic score.

​Make sure you add (+10) or subtract (-10). If you state =10, you will reset the score to 10 regardless of the score.

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Re: How does Person Scoring Work?

I think what Kristy and Bill are both noting is that Person Score is not automatically calculated by Marketo. Instead, you should adjust the person score accordingly every time you adjust either the demographic or behavioral scores.

Alternatively, you can use a webhook to calculate the Person Score based on the Behavior and Demographic scores. Hoosh Marketing has a free excel formula webhook generator that does this Fab Capodicasa