Re: How do you use Marketing Suspended?

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How do you use Marketing Suspended?

I'm having trouble finding documentation on how Marketing Suspended is used by most organizations and want to see how you use it.

I gather that most simply enable the Marketing Suspended field in their CRM, then allow salespeople to turn it on or off ad-hoc. My question with this is how do salespeople know (or remember) when to uncheck Marketing Suspended? Is anyone attaching a time frame to marketing suspensions and if so, how?

I appreciate the feedback.

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Re: How do you use Marketing Suspended?

sales people do not remember. generally do not expose this directly to them.


see: Marketo Email Reputation Management

Usually I use it in three ways:

  • suspend on multiple soft bounces
  • expose a Suspend for X days campaign to Sales Insight
  • suspend on Opp Created at Stage X (per agreement with Sales) and then reset after the sale.
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Re: How do you use Marketing Suspended?


Actually, Marketing Suspended is not available in SFDC as it is a MKTO only field.

As Josh mentioned, we usually create a campaign that has Smart List: Campaign is Requested - Sales Insight and Flow: Change Data Value - Marketing Suspended =True, Wait Step - X number of days, and then Change Data Value - Marketing Suspended = False. This way Sales have the power to launch individuals in that may not be identified from Opp stages or other Data Value Changes (DVC) but do not have to remember to uncheck this field.

Alternatively, you can create trigger based campaigns as mentioned above based on Opp, Lead Status, or any other DVC that MKTO can trigger off of.

Typically, we only use Marketing Suspended for this scenario and is not used to identify bounces. Marketo will mark Email Suspended if a soft bounce includes spam reason and then mark email invalid if email address is undeliverable and deemed incorrect. However, since this field is open for changes (not system field), clients have used it in a variety of ways.