How do you remediate mistakes made in Marketo?

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How do you remediate mistakes made in Marketo?

Does anyone have a best practice around remediating errors made in Marketo? We have been using an incident plan and I was curious if anyone else documents and works as a team to identity and mitigate human error in building campaigns 

Ariel Sasso
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Re: How do you remediate mistakes made in Marketo?

Hi Ariel! Below are things that we do to be as proactive as we possibly can.

- Thorough checklists and SOPs for campaign builds. We use a combination of Asana for task management, detailed program templates and how-to and QA documentation. Every program goes through QA by a different person that did the build before being pushed live. This is helpful for repeatable things like emails, events, etc. We also ensure all builders validate the records successfully synced to the corresponding SFDC Campaign.

- Weekly audit reports are delivered to monitor database size, correct data values for key fields and if anyone was missed in the SFDC sync.

- Internal alerts where applicable - good example is if the webinar integration failed and someone hit a Registration Error status, we can go in and fix it quickly.


Overall, we have a good culture of 'getting a second set of eyes' on things, which also helps immensely.

Mariah Mattick
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Re: How do you remediate mistakes made in Marketo?

Lots of mistakes can be made in a complex system with multiple users of varying skill levels. Can you elaborate on what types of mistakes you're trying to remediate?

Amy Goldfine
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