How Do You Monitor Your Customer Journey Success Through Email?

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How Do You Monitor Your Customer Journey Success Through Email?


So we've been monitoring our journey success through email in the following way for quite some time and we thought it's about time to ask the community's opinion on it (and also hear some new ideas):

1. We created a new channel for our programs that has every step of the email journey as well as steps of our customer journey. For example:

- Was sent email

- Opened Email

- Clicked Email

- Discount - success

- Paid - success

2. For our success stages we created a specific smart campaign that looks something like that:



* Each person can go through the campaign once

** The link in the email leads to a payment page (PayPal for example)

So basically if a person clicked the link in the past 10 hours, went to the payment page and paid > success

So far it seems to be working (for the first couple of weeks, we would check the activity log of a sample of leads to make sure we're on track).

What do you think? Is 10 hours window for clicking the email too long/short? 

Can you recommend other methods that have worked for you? Please let us know!

** Side note - We place that smart campaign in every program we create. Is there a way to create one main smart campaign that will monitor each program separately (using tokens for example)?