How Can You Prevent Program Email Overload?

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How Can You Prevent Program Email Overload?

We are a travel company. We have 7 programs for trips to National Parks. If they visit the Canadian Rockies website page they are entered into an email program, also if they visit Yellowstone National Park website page. Is there anyway at the program level to create priority filter or wait step(s) so that they wouldn't receive the first email of those campaigns at the same time?

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Re: How Can You Prevent Program Email Overload?


Please move to Products.

You would have to create a Traffic Cop (do a search) such that it says

Fills Out Form (or whatever)

then Request Campaign "Yellowstone" if Request Code=YellowStone

every time

and put those choices in order. So if someone does fill out the same form again and chooses Glacier Park, they'd then get Glacier Email 1. But they could still be in the Yellowstone campaign for Yellowstone Email 2.

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Re: How Can You Prevent Program Email Overload?

Hi Brittany,

Very common issue when facing multiple products/segmentation.

1- I'd start with your roadmap: from the shortest to the longest routes up until the "sales ready" moment. Map your ideal journey, how many messages you have on your nurturing program for each one of the parks.

2-  One of the solutions is to create a "general"  path, where everyone could get into your email program

3- Then, have them pointing up in which programs your visitors are enrolled.

4- To avoid sending them too many messages, you can skip a message in case they've opened a message within the period you judge appropriate. Just create the roadblock related to the email open trigger

5- We've created many campaigns using the roadmap and kind of worked for us.

As an extra, something that also worked for us was UTM codes, but that would require some javascript knowledge. If you properly identify the campaign they're in (sources), use that information to avoid sending them another email on the same week or so if the campaign is identified by the UTM code.

Let me know if you need further help.

Good Luck!