High amount of opens but no clicks?!

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High amount of opens but no clicks?!



We have been doing some reporting and have noticed that we've had a high proportion of people 3,000k plus who have opened 11 of our emails but not clicked on any single one. I am doing some research into email best practice to see if we are missing something. But I'm also researching into if there's a different reason we have a high proportion of people opening but not clicking (if it was just one email I'd understand but opening 11 emails and not clicking on any is a bit baffling). 


We suspect maybe those people's email servers may be blocking our tracking, or perhaps they're email providers are opening the emails for them. We're not sure really hence the research. I just wondered if anyone else came across this problem before and found any answers? Or could guide me to where might have answers?


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Re: High amount of opens but no clicks?!

Can you double check if the links you have in your email assets are enabled for tracking? It is genuinely hard to believe that about 3000 people opened 11 emails and didn't click any of them. There should be something common with the email assets in this case, I suspect.