Help with options to update Company data

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Help with options to update Company data

Our company has NetSuite integrated with Marketo using Vertify as a bridge.  We want to bring in Contract Item data to Marketo so we can know which of our major product groups a company has and the quantity.  We can derive this data using a summary search, but not a standard search because we need to consolidate a few records to come up with the correct quantity (accounting for returns and additional orders) for each product category.

  • Veritfy will not allow a summary saved search to be used as a data source on the integration.  I also cannot get a NetSuite workflow to update records based on a summary search.  It may still be possible, but I have not been successful at finding the correct technique.
  • Secondly, I thought I would export the summary results and match the data up with the right Marketo contacts and import into Marketo.  Doing that results in an error "ExplicitCompanyUpdateNotAllowed". 
  • Third, I'd hoped to be able to consolidate data using Vertify.  I can get the Contract Item object synched, but I cannot sum a set of records and map that to a single field.

Since none of those will work, I am hoping some others have solved similar problems and can offer advice.  I can think of two more possibilities to get what I want.

  • Add fields to the customer in NetSuite and populate them from the saved search, either through a CSV import of the summary or figure out how to make the workflow do this autromatically.  Then sync the fields to Marketo.
  • Purchase the ABM package, so we can import data directly to the company fields with out the 'ExplicitCompanyUpdateNotAllowed' error.

Any other suggestions or comments are welcome.

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Re: Help with options to update Company data

If NetSuite isn't integrated using the built-in sync, you shouldn't have any problem updating Company fields.

It's not necessary to have the ABM package in order to edit Company data; you merely need to have Marketo-only leads (leads not known to be synchronized with CRM).

If you're using an intermediate integration tier, all your leads should be Marketo-only. Perhaps you need to explain your architecture in more detail.