Help With Lead Status (Lead & Contacts)

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Help With Lead Status (Lead & Contacts)

Hey guys,

So in our SFDC instance, we have two Lead Status, one for Leads and one for Contacts.

They are essentially the same, however the Contact version has an additional option called "Active Opportunity".

In Marketo, when I select Lead Status, I only get the options available for Leads, I don't see the additional "Active Opportunity" field for Contacts.


In this example above under Field Mapping you see under "lead status" it only lists the Lead version. How can I get Marketo to map over the Contact equivalent as well?


However, under field management, I see the Contact field showing under "lead status". However, I can't actually access that in Marketo.

Thanks for the help

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Re: Help With Lead Status (Lead & Contacts)

Lead Status is mapped in SFDC to both objects.

Do you have a separate Contact Status field in Marketo and/or SFDC? Or is 'Active Opp" in the picklist on Lead Status in Marketo?