Help reading Marketo SEO Reporting

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Help reading Marketo SEO Reporting

The instructions on for SEO leave a lot to be desired and I'm really struggling with understanding the reports. I'm training users in a few weeks and so I need to be able to explain what the reports mean - can anyone help?

Keyword Rank Trends FILTER: Group by Competitor

I gather that out of my company and 4 competitors, there were 13 keywords total and 10 that reached 1-10 on Google Search. Looking at the first competitor in the list they have 5 keywords and 26.3% in rank with 16,250 searches. QUESTION 1: Does that mean that the competitor has shown up on Google for 5 of my 13 keywords and ranked 1-10   26.3% of the time? QUESTION 2: Does that mean that this competitor showed up on rank 1-10 on google 16,250 from those keywords, or does it mean that the 5 keywords showed up 16,250 times in that month?


QUESTION 3: What is the difference between Competitor KW Rank Trends Report and Keyword Rank Trends with a filter of Group by Competitor? They look exactly the same.

Tagging a few people in the hopes that you can help me as you've so kindly done in the past: Sanford Whiteman​​, Grégoire Michel​, ​Josh Hill

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Re: Help reading Marketo SEO Reporting

SEO - Understanding Keywords - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

SEO - Use the Competitor KW Trends Report - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

I think it says

  • you are looking for 13 keywords to compare across competitors.
  • 10 URLs ranked for those kw
  • % of kw that ranked in top 10
  • avg # of searches for those kw
  • pretty sure it means that 5 kw had X searches in a month
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Re: Help reading Marketo SEO Reporting

Hi Josh, I read the product docs, and that's why I'm still confused. If you look through them they're sparse at best and most don't explain details that my SEO specialist and webmaster will ask about during their training.

My questions were actually about the bottom of the report page - for example the first competitor line. This says 5 keywords, which I think means that out of those 13 possible, Competitor1 would rank in the top 1-10 on Google for 5 of the keywords during the specified time period. That makes sense.
However, 26.3% rank does not. 5/13 is 38% and I have a total of 15 keywords in my module, which is where does the 26.3% come from. It's not the average of the line for that competitor (light blue line). Those values are 31.6%, 26.3%, 26.3%, 26.3%, is it the median? That's what is really tripping me, this competitor % in rank at the bottom of the page. Any ideas?