help me use webhooks!

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help me use webhooks!

I'm a total newbie when it comes to webhooks, but I think I want to use them! Here's my scenario:

Our tech support team takes support calls (obivously) and sometimes they identify there is an opportunity for upsell. They use a workview system currently for this by pushing a button on within their workview system that creates an alert that there is an oppotunity for upsell.

We'd like to introduce Marketo into this process.

Ideally I'd like for them to be able to fill out a few fields within their workview system, push a button and append that to a lead record in Marketo. That is what webhooks do, right? Call an external system and return information to update a lead? I realize in this case I want the external system to push to a lead rather than Marketo call to the system.

Is this possible? I'm by no means a programmer but if I could understand anything more abou this process before pulling a programmer in I think that'd help me a lot. Anyone have any good articles in the community bookmarked to help? I've reviewed the basic webhook articles. 

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Re: help me use webhooks!

Hi Kimi,

In general if you're pushing INTO Marketo, you'll want to use the API instead of Webhooks. Webhooks go OUT of Marketo and to another system.

The real question here is how can you do something in the support system that makes an API call. If you were able to use the SOAP API, it would be a matter of making the syncLead call and passing in that lead's information. It should be pretty simple, unless adding things to the support system is intrinsically hard,