HELP : Google analytics TOKENS in a Mail

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HELP : Google analytics TOKENS in a Mail

Hello Guys,

I've been using Marketo for only a few months and I definitively need your help.

I use Marketo to send an alert to my sales from a form where i can put into the mail :
- Lead ID, Name, adress mail, etc thanks to some tokens with an  API.

But What i'd want is to add also, Google analytics token such as:

- Source/Support
- Default Channel 

Do you know how can i do it ?

Thanks a lot !!!!


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Re: HELP : Google analytics TOKENS in a Mail

I don't understand your terms here. Tokens like {{lead.ID}}, {{lead.Full Name]} don't have anything (by default) to do with "an API". What specifically do you mean by that?

When you talk about GA "tokens" do you mean variables in the GTM Data Layer?  UTM params? Please be complete in describing your GA setup, how values are stored, and what you're trying to retrieve. Best to avoid using the term "tokens" if you don't really mean Marketo tokens.