Has anyone integrated XenForo and Marketo?

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Re: Has anyone integrated XenForo and Marketo?

If you don't have a repro case, that's really too vague for pro bono work on this.

There are no well-known conflicts with Munchkin.  Note the vast majority of Munchkin sites also run GA.

If you believe the problem only exists with click handling (which is synchronous), you can effectively disable click tracking by adding the init option:

     Munchkin.init( 'AAA-BBB-CCC', { asyncOnly: true } );

Note this doesn't truly disable click tracking, it just makes it useless because it will miss so many clicks.  But it will no longer interfere with page navigation.  The real way to disable is to add the class="mchNoDecorate" to your links.  But with something like XenForo you may find that difficult.