Group visibility rules inside progressive profiling

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Group visibility rules inside progressive profiling

I am creating a form with progressive profiling that shows 5 fields at a time. One of the fields is a dropdown that has an option of "Other" at the bottom. If they select Other an additional text box appears allowing them to enter a specific value. Unfortunately it looks like the conditional fields are counted as part of the number of fields that show at a time, which I don't want. If the dropdown ends up as the 1st through 4th field, only 4 fields show. If the dropdown is the 5th field then the additional text field doesn't show up until the next progression, where it has no context. Is there a way to exclude the conditional fields from being included in the progressive profile count?

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Re: Group visibility rules inside progressive profiling

There may be a way to do this with javascript. I've had a programmer make adjustments to the way progressive works, but you'll need them to do this.

Did you happen to try placing the conditional field outside the Progressive area and make it required? I recall this may work (or used to) in some situations.