Google Adwords auto-tagging vs. manual UTM tagging

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Google Adwords auto-tagging vs. manual UTM tagging

Has anyone else had experience in attribution where Adwords is set to auto-tag with their gclid parameter?

This is a nice feature when you are early in the maturation model, but when you get to the need for attribution down to certain levels (campaign, creative/asset/content, etc.) it is not as helpful to use.

I'm looking for options and ways that folks have overcome the auto-tagging deficiencies and gotten to better attribution.

My company was sold on statements that auto-tagging is required to integrate certain aspects with RCM. However, the ability in SFDC or Marketo to get to the attribution is not available or critically difficult with auto-tagging, whereas utilization of the UTM tagging allows better capture and reporting.

Any and all help/comments is appreciated.