google ad words tracking tutorial

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google ad words tracking tutorial

hi there

i am running a bunch of google ads with a dynamic UTM URl from ad words.

here is my large ugly URL:{keyword}&utm_creative=Align-Project-Goals&utm_network={network}&utm_device={device}&utm_content=Embedded-Analytics

and i want to be able to track people who fill out form and the URL they came from has ALL these bits:




plus capture keyword they came from

i started with a smart list with the 3 bits from above as query string constraints but that didn't work

so i guess i have to do the hidden field method on my ad reg form.

i can't find an easy to follow step by step on how to do this can anyone direct me to the best/easiest way to do?

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Re: google ad words tracking tutorial

Trish Voskovitch​ Hi.  FYI: I moved your post to the Products and Support​ -- you will probably get a response sooner there since this is a product question.

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Re: google ad words tracking tutorial

There are many threads on using URL parameters with Marketo hidden fields. Please do a search.

Try starting here:

Etumos has a great tutorial on their site as well.

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Re: google ad words tracking tutorial

You can use a TRIGGER or BATCH smart campaign. If you set up custom fields in your database for your 3 bits, you can use these Lead Attributes to check for "Use ALL Filters". Remember that Marketo already has a field called Medium, Campaign, and Lead Source, so you could use these instead of custom fields.

BATCH Approach

utm_creative is Align-Project-Goals

utm_source is Google

utm_campaign is Brand-Search-Beta

TRIGGER Approach

"Fills Out Form" is "The name of your form" and "Add Constraint" Querystring contains "Google" "Align-Project-Goals" "Brand-Search-Beta"

Yes, you have to have hidden fields on your form to capture these during the form fill out. In the FORM editor click the big plus sign and then start typing "utm_source", select and then change the TYPE to hidden.