Go To Webinar Integration Setup

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Go To Webinar Integration Setup

Hi There;

We are working to setup our Integration with Go To Webinar. 

The plan is to have Marketo send the invitation and Go To Webinar send all other communications (ie confirmation, reminder emails and follow-up emails), but have the registration information flow to Marketo. 

My first question is... Is our desired setup possible?  If so, could someone point me to the direction of documentation on how to setup?  Or is the recommendation to do the full setup all emails in Marketo?  The reason we want to have GTW send the emails is we are are still warming our IP address and our emails are either not inboxing or are going to junk folder.  The issue is being worked on but it will take a bit meanwhile we want to continue to have webinars.  We want to use GTW's reputation to inbox.

Thank you;


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Re: Go To Webinar Integration Setup

Hi Lisa,

I have a client that does exactly as you describe.  The invite email and landing page are in Marketo and everything else is done in GTW.  Its a very simple set up.  Here is the Marketo How-To Doc: Create an Event with GotoWebinar - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

Hopefully this will help, but as long as you have the 'co-worker' as Marketo in GtW then the 2 way sync will work perfectly fine.



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Re: Go To Webinar Integration Setup

This is totally possible, and pretty standard. At my old company we used Marketo for the confirmation and reminder emails, but it was extra work to set up, and I don't think it helped our attendance. It's fine to use GTW's emails even when you get all set up, that's what we do now.

Slightly unrelated: One thing I do recommend once you start doing a regular cadence of webinars is to set up a fully tokenized program template. It will make setting up new webinars so much faster! Here's an explanation: How to Build a Marketo Webinar Template that Scales: Etumos

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