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Global pause for nurture campaign

Hi there,

Is there any way of temporarily pausing all activity with a nurture campaign? We have a three stream nurture which we need to pause for a week or so, and I was hoping that there was a way of doing that at a top level, rather than me having to deactivate all the programs. I could change the cadence of all members to 'paused', but the way the programs are set up in the nurture, there are a number of campaigns that switch people between paused and normal, and I fear that as people are in the middle of a flow step, they'll be switched back to 'normal' and continue to receive nurture content.

Would setting each stream's cadence to 'None' do the trick?

Any thoughts?


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Re: Global pause for nurture campaign

Setting it to none may work.

I suggest going to Setup > Program > OFF and it will disable the entire Nurture until you restart it.

The other way is to set all to Paused. The only way the leads would continue to move is if your transitions or flow steps were triggered off of a non local behavior like a Lead Status change.

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Re: Global pause for nurture campaign

I understand not wanting to pause people because you might have other campaigns that will change that status. Like you suggested, you could change the cast cadence to none, but I think the better thing to do is to turn them Off as Josh suggested. Leaving them on with no date leaves you more open to "buggy" behavior that I've seen in the past.

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Re: Global pause for nurture campaign

The intent of the on/off switch in engagement programs was to allow you to pause the program from sending out content to all members of the program.  The intent of the "change cadence" flow action was to pause a subset of the people, for example when someone becomes an Opportunity.  If the program is "off" then content will NOT be sent out.  And when you turn the program back "on" it will pick up where it left off. 

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Re: Global pause for nurture campaign

Will it still follow stream and cadence rules?