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Re: Global forms

Hey Kelly,

Firstly, welcome to team purple

Great question to be asking - best practice is absolutely to use global forms wherever feasible as it ensures consistency, accurate capture of all your required data points etc (especially important for managing data privacy requirements!). And, of course, it's more scalable. Global forms should live in Design Studio and I'd recommend naming them very clearly if they have distinct use cases (e.g., if you requirements for a newsletter sign up form are different from a webinar registration form).

Personally I will typically only create a local form if it's a use case which I can be fairly certain is a once-off, and if the form requires specific unique field set up.

One thing to be aware of - if you're using workspaces - while you can share landing page templates and email templates across workspaces, you cannot share global forms. If memory serves me right, I don't think you can clone them across workspaces either. So if two workspaces share the same need for a form, they'll both need a version of that form created in their own workspace.

Ankit is correct that if you edit a global form that's used by multiple landing pages it may require you to re-approve each landing page that utilises that form for changes to take effect (there are some conditions here around how the form is embedded though). But I don't see this as any significant inconvenience, it's pretty easy to view all the landing pages in design studio and re-approve them quickly.

A pretty key example of where using global forms has significant benefits over local forms: GDPR roll out. It's much easier to roll out updates to meet GDPR compliance on one or two global forms than 50+ local forms

Long, but hopefully helps give some food for thought!

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Re: Global forms

Global forms are generally the way to go, as everyone has said. Here are a few other tips I live by:

  1. Make sure you include flow steps in your local campaigns to populate the acquisition program. With global forms, it won't necessarily chose the right acquisition program by default.
  2. Include the form type in your form name, such as CONTENT-FORM or DEMO-FORM so that it is clear what the intent of the form is
  3. If you plan on embedding the form on your website, it can be very helpful to include the form ID in the name for ease of search and relating it the code on your website. If the embed code is 1568, include that in the name like this CONTENT-FORM-1568