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Generate a Secure Link


Within an email campaign, I require to generate a secure link to our console.

This should be a link to a console login page.  However, we'd like to verify the user arrived from the link, and within a given timeframe - not just typed the URL.

Basically, I'd like to define some kind of a token that is a known only to Marketo and console.

Here are a few options I've explored:

  • Adding some kind of encryption within Designer studio.  But i didnt find if its possible.
  • Using a webhook to encrypt a string and then send this string.  I didnt find such a public API [pgpEncrypt[String,key, enc_String].  My assumption is that you can then send enc_String into the email link.

Any ideas?

  • Can Marketo create a signature [i know token is a Marketo reserved word...]?
  • Can one upload a server side code to Marketo to create such?

Thanks - Oren

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Re: Generate a Secure Link

No you can't upload any server side code to Marketo.

What I would recommend is using a webhook to call a service that returns the encrypted link and store it to a field on the lead record.  Then call that encrypted link as a token embedded in the email.

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Re: Generate a Secure Link

+1 on Jamie's solution.