General/Regular Calendar Use

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General/Regular Calendar Use

Am I missing something or can't I use this calendar as a regular, easy, user-friendly calendar to click on a day in calendar view and type something like "Weekly Marketing Standup Mtg" and nothing more, ALSO make very detailed campaign/event entries, and everything in between? It seems like I need the keys to the space shuttle to make a simple everyday calendar entry. Without every-day calendar functionality it seems like we'll need to maintain multiple calendars for our department.

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Re: General/Regular Calendar Use

Hi Peter,

Here's a related discussion thread that might help:

I can't speak much from experience (I tend to use a whiteboard and/or my work calendar for everyday stuff), but I think the calendar was primarily designed to only show what is going out and when (however it won't show trigger-based emails), with the entries themselves being program-focused (i.e. tied specifically to a program). So functionality here might be limited when it comes to regular calendar use.

Tom Kerlin