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FTP Hosted Video in Landing Page

I'm working with some video content that I would rather not keep on YouTube, but rather I'm hosting them on my website via FTP.

I am plugging the URL into a Marketo template landing page, but the video doesn't load.

Do I need to put it into an iFrame? Is YouTube a must?


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Re: FTP Hosted Video in Landing Page

You can't use ftp:// URLs for <video> elements as far as I know. Standard FTP doesn't even have the concept of progressive download, so even if there's a browser in which it might (sort of) work, you'd still have to download the entire file first. On top of that, you'd have to do broad compatibility testing and I can assure you that mobile will come up short.

YouTube is certainly not required to embed video. But some sort of HTTP- or RTSP- based file access, whether true streaming or progressive downloading, is required.

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Re: FTP Hosted Video in Landing Page

Thanks Sandford, that makes sense!

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