Forward to a Friend system token - Dealing with lead partitions

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Forward to a Friend system token - Dealing with lead partitions

We want to utilise the forward to a friend system token however we utilise lead partitions and workspaces in our instance.

Does anyone else use the forward to a friend token and have lead partitions?

When a lead forwards to a friend who doesn't exist in the database, it creates a record for them, but because we can't put in hidden fields on the little forward a friend form such as country and brand (what we use to dictate who goes to which partition). They are automatically created in the default partition, however the default partition is not visible in the workspace the email was created in and the user has access to, so we can't see them in any reports in that workspace.

Manually managing the leads created in the default partition from the forward to a friend token isn't possible due to the size of our instance. We also have data validity programs constantly running to check the data against all leads created - so these would automatically be deleted due to only having a name and email.


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Re: Forward to a Friend system token - Dealing with lead partitions

Hi Katie,

You'd need to customize the F2F form for this.  I'm going to blog about how this is done (it is indeed possible) at some point... if I ever get through the rest of my blogging backlog!

But do keep in mind that the more information you ask for from the referrer (the original recipient) the less likely they are to fill out that form. After all, filling out the form doesn't really reward them -- it's a shortcut (sort of) to just clicking "Forward" in their mail client. Also, the F2F model expects that the new lead (the referral) converts as a result of receiving the forwarded email.  So you may want to personalize the email when it is sent to a friend (as opposed its normal appearance) to emphasize a CTA, etc. An easy way to do this is with a Velocity (Email Script) token:

#if( $lead.LeadSource == "Forward to Friend" )

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