Forward to a Friend - Marketo policy

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Forward to a Friend - Marketo policy

Marketo’s “forward to a friend” email policy?.


We have a bunch of person in our database that have been referred via the forward to a friend feature, which Marketo “unsubscribes” & we wanted to understand the right approach to email/market them.


Will be great if anyone can share a process they adopted & adhered to Marketo policy.

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Re: Forward to a Friend - Marketo policy

The concept is that your first email to them (the forwarded email) and your site in general should lead them to a form where they can explicitly opt-in — that’s why they’re Unsubscribed=true by default.

After all, you can’t accept someone else’s word that a person is willing to accept email. (In fact even using F2F the first time can be legally iffy depending on jurisdiction.)