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I have an auto email alert set up for when someone fills out a form. Everything works fine, except this is what i see in the email...

The following form has been filled out by a lead: LOGIC™ Healthcare IT Advantage Dashboard

Lead Details: Marketo Alert Information
Lead: ryan parisi
Campaign: LOGIC™ Healthcare IT Advantage Dashboard Form.LOGIC™ Healthcare IT Advantage Dashboard Alert
Time: Apr 06, 2016 03:50 pm CDT

How can i get the actual form data to populate instead of linking to marketo. Main reason is this data is being sent to lead gen to follow up on and they don't have marketo access.

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Re: Forms

Hu Ryan,

Use the {{lead....}} tokens for each field in the form. For instance, if you capture the first name, use {{lead.first name}}. These tokens work for the email to the as well as for the alert.

See Personalize an Email - Marketo Docs - Product Docs


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Re: Forms

Actually, those direct lead links are anonymously accessible.  They expire after a period of time -- see Dan​'s comments here:

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Re: Forms

Good to see I'm not the only here who works in Healthcare IT.  I've created dozen of these alert emails for everything from Contact Us to employee referral programs, etc.

Robb Barrett
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Re: Forms

Like Greg said, you can include all kinds of detail in your alerts by populating them with lead tokens.  Here's an example of our real-time sales alerts:


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Re: Forms

Edit your email alert content and put tokens like that for example:

First Name: {{lead.First Name:default=edit me}}

Last Name: {{lead.Last Name:default=edit me}}

Email Address: {{lead.Email Address:default=edit me}}

Phone Number: {{lead.Phone Number:default=edit me}}

Job Title:{{lead.Job Title:default=edit me}}

Your token should depend on the fields use on your form.