Form Submit, Smart Campaign and Partition

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Form Submit, Smart Campaign and Partition

Hello all,


I have a webinar program in Workspace A. That workspace is associated with Partition A. In that program I have a form and a Smart Campaign that listens to that form submit and advances a person's program status. So far, so good - that works as intended.


But not in all cases. If a person from Partition B submits that form, they are not being caught by that Smart Campaign. That's at least where I think the causality lies, as all persons new to the database or from Partition A are being processed, whereas all persons from a different partition are not being processed.


Is that how this is supposed to work?



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Re: Form Submit, Smart Campaign and Partition

Marketo Support answered my question:


"I understand you have some doubts on how Workspaces (Assets) and Partitions (Lead Database) communicate among themselves.


Workspaces are separate areas in Marketo that hold marketing assets like programs, landing pages, emails and more. They can be used by multiple people. Each user has access to one or more workspaces.Records in a Partition A will only have access/ communication with Assets available in Workspaces which this Partition has visibility.


If a record in Partition A (only visibility of Workspace A) fills out a form which is located in Workspace B, the form submission will be recorded in the lead's activity logs, but no other Asset from Workspace B will be triggered, such as Smart Campaigns.


Answering your question: It is working as expected."


I didn't know that. Now I know. 🙂