Form's CSS Styling not getting cloned

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Form's CSS Styling not getting cloned

We have a form that we have custom CSS styling in place. This is our go-to form for cloning and previously we've never had any issues with the copies, it retains the CSS styling from the original. However recently, all of the cloned forms are looking very differently from the original.


We manually compared the form settings of the original and the clone and all are the same including the Custom CSS.


Can anyone advise? 

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Re: Form's CSS Styling not getting cloned

Would it be possible to share a link to a page with a form using the correct setup and a page with a cloned form that's not working correctly? This would make it possible to dig into the code in the inspector to see if there's anything missing on the front-end side.


Also, after you clone a form, are you able to see the Custom CSS on the new form, or is that reset to be blank w/ just the commented line about adding styles here? If the Custom CSS is coming thru on both forms (the first and the cloned versions) it might have something to do with the context in which the form appears. There's usually a couple of layers of CSS to work thru/around, maybe sharing a link to a few pages would help bring an issue like this to light.


You might also try using a cloned version of the form on the same page as the first version of the form (where you know it's working and showing up as expected) to see if it's the form or the page which might be causing a difference in the display.