Form pre-fill confusion

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Form pre-fill confusion

As part of our GDPR discussions with our legal team, the topic of form pre-fill has come up.  Normally, we've always taken a very conservative approach with this - especially in countries like Germany, where they already have some of the strictest data privacy laws in place.

When reading through the documentation around this topic (Disable Pre-fill for a Form Field - Marketo Docs - Product Docs ), it states at the top:


We've always made the ultimate settings at the form level (e.g., for specific fields).  So for example, with this enabled in Admin, and when adding a form on a German event registration page, we disable form pre-fill for each of the fields.  But according to the documentation, the admin settings override the form level settings.  In our experience this isn't the case.  That German event registration page we just created is not pre-filling the form fields, even though we have this setting enabled in Admin.  Our legal team has asked us to disable this setting in Admin because of this statement - but that will disable form pre-fill on every form.  So my question is - is this statement contained in the documentation simply not true?  Don't the settings at the FORM LEVEL trump all other settings?

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Re: Form pre-fill confusion

Yep, the phrasing is clumsy: an unchecked checkbox actively disables the functionality. But a checked checkbox should be read as "not configured," i.e. doesn't have the power to override and inherits the current value.