Form: Invite your colleague to the event

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Form: Invite your colleague to the event

Scenario: When a customer registers for our event they hit a confirmation page. On the confirmation page I want to include a form where the customer can enter the name and email address of one or more colleagues who may also be interested in the event. I've included a mock up below. When the customer enters a name and email I want Marketo to then send an invitation to that new contact.

Currently the registration and confirmation page are hosted on our website. The registration page has a Marketo form embedded.

Can anyone offer suggestions on how best to achieve this?



Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 4.07.54 pm.png

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Re: Form: Invite your colleague to the event

That's the standard Referral Form pattern. If you search the Community, there's a bunch of guidance.

Common to all solutions is that the form must not reassociate the web session with the new referral(s), that is, the session remains associated with the referrer's lead record. The typical code to do this part is here.

An advanced solution logs the referrer's identity to the new referrals' lead records, and vice versa. This gives you a nice "closed circle" with info about your lead-to-lead activities. We've got a bunch of forms like this in the wild.