First email performance report

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First email performance report

Hi everyone,

My company is looking to roll a nice "introduction" nurture stream so that leads who come into our database get a consistent introduction to our brand & message before we start sending them "last chance to register for the webinar"-type emails.

To compare how the new stream performs against the scattershot approach we had before, I'm trying to create a report that shows the performance of the first email each lead received, regardless of what that first email was. I've been playing around with the email performance report and the new email insights dashboard, but I'm not sure this is currently possible with Marketo (at least without exporting the entire "activities" table and performing some heavy offline crunching). Before I scratch this up as a lost cause, just wanted to see if the community had any ideas.


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Re: First email performance report

Hi Jose,

That sounds like a good analysis project, but unfortunately you can't get to that info from the out-of-the-box email performance report or email insights.