Finding the source of an email send

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Finding the source of an email send

This weekend, we had an email from an older program that was sent to a number of people in our database. We did not schedule this email, and I can not find it in any of the reporting. However, I can identify one person that got the email, and can see the "campaign run ID" from their individual activity log. 


Is there any way to use this info to find out how this email was sent for a second time? Again, no one scheduled this email to be sent. 

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Re: Finding the source of an email send

There is no way to identify how someone qualified for a campaign, other than understanding their activity history - you could log a ticket and ask Marketo support for assistance.


- Is the old program a recurring batch campaign?

- Did another campaign potentially make a request to this program?

- Was there any data value changes on those records that would have triggered that smart campaign? you could reference what filters you have in the smart list (data value changes etc)


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Re: Finding the source of an email send

Hello @ForeignPolicyDC ,

Contact Marketo Support and give them the Person ID (LeadID), the activity ID, and that campaign run ID. 

Marketo does use background campaigns to do sends for example in email programs a background campaign actually does the send.  They will be able to give you more information using that campaign run id like: "someone used a single flow action to do the send", etc.