Finding the right # of API calls...

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Finding the right # of API calls...

We have been struggling with backlog issues because of our large number of pull updates from SFDC. Account pull updates are our largest culprit which then causes issues with the contact pull update backlog, etc.

We recently upped our daily API calls to 30K per day and that did seem to help our backlog catch up but am looking for any advice other users have on the right # of API calls per updates.

Our biggest customer product that syncs to SFDC just finished updating in SFDC and my backlog for account updates is over 20K and I'm worried that the backlog will build back up. I don't know enough about the API call to "pull update" ratio. Is there any documentation on this, or does anyone have their own experience to share.

We're working on combatting the large volume of Account updates by removing fields from the sync user but I'm still just curious to learn more. Every support rep I've talked to seems to have a slightly different take on our issue and it seems to be some sort of black magic knowledge I can't get my hands on.

Anyone with backlog issues, resolutions, API call knowledge bombs?

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Re: Finding the right # of API calls...

Marketo can, for its best customers, add more throughput to your SFDC sync, if that's the real issue.

But if you have lots of tools using API calls, then you need to figure out the volume of each and the #of calls/lead or update. You may have to try other things like

  • reducing triggers
  • adding wait steps to reduce race conditions
  • request campaign order to reduce race conditions
  • spreading out batch campaigns - do you need ALL of them to run daily?
  • pay for more calls
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Re: Finding the right # of API calls...

Well a backlog of 20k updates can potentially clear in less than an hour depending on the number of fields exposed and would cost only 200 API calls.  For reference the formula for the number of API calls it will take to sync is given number of updates is: round up( updates / 200 ), so 200 updates costs 1 api call, and 201 updates costs 2 api calls, in addition to the basesline number of calls per day, which is around 7200, if you're on a standard configuration.

If you're seeing a backlog constantly repeating itself, then I would suspect that this is due to a high volume of recurring changes.  Do you have any fields which are automatically updates in salesforce on a recurring basis on your accounts, like timestamps and the like?