Fearless Forum: October 2020

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Fearless Forum: October 2020

Hello Marketing Nation! 


Welcome to the October edition of the Fearless Forum. In this edition, watch our new Meet Marketo Engage Customers series featuring Jess Kao, read an in-depth interview with Experience Maker Ambassador Award Winner Chelsea Kiko, read a How 2B Fearless blog featuring Kimmah Shah, watch a Q&A recording from our Marketo Champion Office Hours, and much more!



In this edition, we’ll be covering the following topics chosen by you:


Meet Marketo Engage Customers with Jess Kao – In this brand-new series, we speak with customers to learn more about their background, how they’ve used Marketo Engage in their career and more. In our first edition, we teamed up with Jess Kao, who is Director of Client Strategy at Digital Pi. Watch the video to learn more about what Jess has to say!


Live with Adobe Exchange: Branch Metrics – Formerly known as Live with LaunchPoint, this series is all about highlighting our amazing partner solutions that integrate directly into Marketo Engage. In this edition, we speak with Eric Stein from Branch, which is a platform that specializes in unifying user metrics across different devices, platforms, and channels. Watch their video to learn more!


Marketo Engage September Champion Virtual Office Hours – In this Office Hours edition, Marketo Champions Enrico de Leon, Chelsea Kiko, Carrie Chandler, Juli James, and Jenny Robertson sit down to answer questions from Marketo Engage customers. Watch the video here.


Marketo Success Series: Lead Nurture – Learn from Champion Alumni Joe Reitz as he explains what a Lead Nurture is, the difference between nurture drips and streams, why you should nurture your leads, and much more. Read his blog here.


Marketo Success Series: Channel Building – Learn from Marketo Champions Juli James and Jess Kao how to properly set up your channels to optimize your reporting. In this overview, read their deep dive into what a channel is, how to use progression statuses, creating channel steps, and more. Read their Channel Building blog here.


How 2B Fearless: Kimmah Shah – In this How 2B Fearless edition, we spoke with Kimmah Shah, who is a Senior Consultant specializing in Digital and Demand Generation. Read about what Kimmah has to say about how she got started in marketing, her 3 pieces of advice for the next generation of marketers, and more! Read Kimmah's Fearless blog here.


Meet the Experience Makers: Chelsea Kiko – The Experience Maker Ambassador Award is given to individuals who exemplify thought leadership around digital transformation, customer experience, lead management, and more. This year’s Ambassador Award winner was Chelsea Kiko, who is a Marketing Operations Manager at education company McGraw Hill. Watch her Experience Makers Award video as Chelsea explains what this award means to her, her “secret sauce” to optimize any company’s digital operations, and much more. View Chelsea's blog and video interview here.


Apply to be a 2021 Marketo Champion – Applications are now open for the 2021 Marketo Engage Champion class! If you are interested in taking your career and thought leadership to the next level, we encourage you to apply to be part of the Champion program. Please review the requirements and complete your application by Friday, November 20.


Tell Your Marketo Engage Story with Us – If you’re driving real business impact, we want to hear about it! To participate in Adobe’s Customer Story program, simply fill out the form highlighting your successes leveraging Marketo Engage to:

·  Increase marketing efficiency/campaign output

·  Grow engagement across all channels

·  Drive more qualified leads

·  Strengthen the alignment between sales and marketing

·  Measure and calculate marketing ROI


Check out our gallery of Customer Stories to read about Marketo customers that have been recently featured. You can earn up to 1,050 points by taking this Purple Select challenge!

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