Fearless Forum: June 2021

Marketo Employee

Fearless Forum: June 2021

Welcome back to the 21st Fearless Forum!


In this edition, read up on recurring Success Series covering Emails and Email Templates, watch our new video on Community gameplay, our webinar recaps on email deliverability, smartlist logic, and more! If you'd like to see more of a particular topic, feel free to let us know in the comment section or just shoot me a private message.



Check out this month's topics below:


Adobe Experience Maker Award & Adobe Workfront Lion Award WinnersThis week, we announced the winners of the 2021 Adobe Experience Maker Award & Adobe Workfront Lion Award winners during two exclusive regional virtual galas. For more details on our winners, check out our Adobe blog. 


Marketo Engage Champion Office Hours - Watch our latest Champion Office Hours from April 2021, featuring Julz James, Chloe Pott, Britney Young, Enrico de Leon, and Chris Wilcox. 


Marketing Nation Community Gameplay Overview - Learn all about the recent gameplay features we added to Community in our overview video.


Webinar: The A-Z of Bizible Attribution ModelsWatch this on-demand webinar with Bizible expert Kate Colbert as she breaks down each attribution model, use cases for each model, and more.


Marketo Success Series: Email Templates - Read about Email Templates, how to design emails in Marketo Engage, taking your email from sketch to code, and more. 


Marketo Success Series: Emails - Deep dive with Marketo Engage Champions on how to customize your emails with tokens and preheader text, tips for engagement, and more.


Bizible Suppression Logic - Read about use cases for Bizible's Touchpoint Suppression functionality with expert Kate Colbert. 


Webinar: The Power of Permission for Email Deliverability - Watch as Marketo Engage experts dive deep into email opt-in strategies and their impact on email deliverability and response.


Webinar: Advanced Smartlist Logic & Common Pitfalls - In this Customer Support Office Hours, technical support engineer Mariska Armijo breaks down how to troubleshoot smart lists, common pitfalls, and more.