Facebook Lead Ads - URL Blocked error

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Facebook Lead Ads - URL Blocked error

We just switched to a new instance of Marketo and I am trying to reintegrate all of our launchpoint items. I've been successful with everything but Facebook. When trying to set up Facebook Lead Ads, I get to the screen in Marketo where it asks to authorize. I click Authorize and I get the following error:

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 9.51.00 AM.png

How do I solve for this? 

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Re: Facebook Lead Ads - URL Blocked error

I tried creating the new webservice api for facebook lead ads in my local sandbox marketo instance. I was successfully able to do so (I have all default settings in place in the facebook developers section). For you since it is not redirecting to the fb login while adding the webservice in marketo you need to whitelist your marketo domain in the developers facebook portal. For doing this follow these steps:

Go to https://developers.facebook.com

Login to your fb account through the upper right hand link to login

Create a new app

Under the "setting" menu in the left toolbar menu select "Basic" option

Under the field of App Domain add your marketo domain and click save changes.

Save changes if needed.
In the left hand menu, click "+ Add Product".
In the list, find "Facebook Login" and click "Set Up" for it.
Select "Web" (www) in the list of options.
Verify that your "Site URL" is correct and click "Save" then "Continue".
In the left hand menu, click "Facebook Login" then "Settings".
Check that the following settings are correct:
- Client OAuth Login: Yes
- Web OAuth Login: Yes
- Force Web OAuth Reauthentication: No
- Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs: Yes
- Enforce HTTPS: No (if set to 'yes' without possibility to edit leave it as 'yes')
- Embedded Browser OAuth Login: Yes
- Login from devices: No

Check that the section "Deauthorize / Deauthorize Callback URL" is empty.
Click "Save Changes".
From the top bar, turn the top switch from "OFF" to "ON" to make your app live.
Confirm the choice when asked. You may have to select a category and/or answer a security check. Your app doesn't require an approval from Facebook so you don't have to go through the submission process.
In the left hand menu, click "Dashboard". Your app should be public ("This app is public and available to all users") and a green dot should be displayed.

Basically an app in facebook should get automatically created upon successful authorisation form marketo side. Here we are trying to do it manually.

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Re: Facebook Lead Ads - URL Blocked error

Thanks @Darshil_Shah1  - i got all the way to the last step but I do not see any green indicator (even though I turned it on live) and when I try to setup Facebook Lead Ads in MKTO I am still getting the same error.


Can you give me an example of what I would type under "App Domains"


would it be something like: https://app-abXX.marketo.com/ ?

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Re: Facebook Lead Ads - URL Blocked error

I suppose this issue is arising as you already have a Lead Ads integration in your fb account from your older instance (you can view that integration by logging in to your fb account -> settings -> Business Integrations). I suppose you should write over to marketo support to migrate that fb lead ads to your new marketo instance, as editing the existing integration might let you lose your existing lead ads data (which could be catastrophic).


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Re: Facebook Lead Ads - URL Blocked error

Hi Darshil,


I followed your step but still get the same error, would you happen to know why?