Facebook lead ad integration suddenly unsubscribed

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Facebook lead ad integration suddenly unsubscribed

Hi all

We recently had our lead ad integration stop receiving leads from Facebook across all campaigns - nothing was coming into Marketo at all. This presented a huge issue for us as we run a large number of campaigns for this client, and the manual upload involved until the issue was resolved was massive.

Marketo support advised that they could see on the Facebook side that our client "was not subscribed to receive leads for some reason", despite having been set up and receiving leads for almost a year. Support 're-subscribed' us and suggested reauthorizing, deselecting all pages from Launchpoint and selecting the pages again to make sure Marketo app is subscribed to receive leads.

This seemed to solve the problem, but it seems very strange that we could suddenly have our Marketo instance unsubscribed to receive leads for no reason. We recently enabled offline conversions, but the issue occurred before we did this, so I can't see how offline conversions had anything to do with it.

Has anybody else experienced anything similar? It seems very odd and we need to try and figure out how it happened to avoid it happening again!



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Re: Facebook lead ad integration suddenly unsubscribed

No idea. Marketo has been buggy lately. I would ask support to escalate to engineering and get your acct mgr involved to find out the issue. If you are running large volumes with FB, perhaps FB will help too.