Externally hosted form

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Externally hosted form

Hello -

What custom methods are you using to host form externally and support different language sites?

I appreciate your feedback/comments.


Thank you!


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Re: Externally hosted form

Your question is kind of vague but I assume you mean “how are you using a non-Marketo form to create a Marketo form fill activity?“


The answer is that using the hidden Marketo form will always be the easiest, most solid, and most scalable option. Simply capture the values from your form on submit, stop the standard submission, and pass the values object to Marketo: https://developers.marketo.com/blog/make-a-marketo-form-submission-in-the-background/. Note I’d set the hidden attribute on the form instead of display:none as hidden is more descriptive.

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Re: Externally hosted form


Thank you for your response!

Let me provide some context for clarity and reason for my question


We create form in Marketo and host externally using REST API and Forms 2.0 JS method.   

We use REST API to display/render the form fields

Example: https://xxx-yyy-zzz.mktorest.com/rest/asset/v1/form/1234.json?

We pulled the form information into our CMS. We than translate the form fields label, error message, pick list value in CMS. This way we have one form in Marketo and different translations of that form for our different language sites in CMS. We handle those translations in our CMS for country like France, Germany, China, Korea, etc.

We have our own API that pulls in the data from the Marketo API and then adds the layers of translations for our different language websites. Because of this flexibility, we use REST API to render the form instead of Forms 2.0 JS.


We also have Forms 2.0 form on the page that’s hidden. When user fills out visible form fields and click submit, these values are passed down to hidden form fields to submit the form data in Marketo.


With this technique, we can’t use BETA feature easily like Global Form Validation Rule (add domain in Marketo to suppress from form submission to prevent bot)) and possibly won’t be able to use future feature because of this type of implementation.


We’d like to know if we take another approach, i.e. use only Forms 2.0 JS, to render the form externally, submit the form in Marketo with ease of translation of our different language website.


I appreciate any additional feedback/suggestions.