extending content in engagement programs

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extending content in engagement programs

hi community,

I am currently looking at options to extend our engagement content for people that have not reacted to our emails.

The idea is that if Email A was not opened, then resend it with a different subject line and potentially try again a third time with another subject line.

This way we could extend the engagement quite a bit over time.

Whats the best way of doing this ?

I know i can add Email prorams into the engagement stream.

What happens if i add an email program to the stream that contains these conditions e.g send email A, wait 7 days, send email B if email A is not opened, wait 7 days, send Email C if Emali a & B were not opened.

Will the next cadence only hit once the flow of the program is complete ?

Hope my explanations make sense.



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Re: extending content in engagement programs

I haven't added an email program to an engagement stream before, but I would recommend just keeping the 3 emails in the stream. If the intent is not to have the lead receive Email B or Email C if they have already opened the previous email, then I would instead change the engagement program cadence to "paused" if the lead does open the email. Have a separate smart campaign look for "opened email: Email A" or "opened email: Email B" and the flow would be to pause them (change engagement program cadence to "paused"). What this will do is once the lead opens Email A, they will not receive Email B or Email C and if they do not open Email A, they will continue to receive Email B at the next cast.

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Re: extending content in engagement programs

Hey Moritz,

The cadence would roll ever onwards, regardless of where they are in the previous flow... so to answer the question behind the question, yes, you'd jack up your cadence. Think of them like separate smart campaigns.

If it doesn't look cool, you're probably doing it wrong.