Export Landing Page as PDF

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Export Landing Page as PDF

We currently develop customized sell sheets for end-user targets for some of our programs using an Excel-based process. I'd like to transition this process over to Marketo, but I don't want to create thousands of unique attachments and associate the links to each contact manually.

Is there a way to build a landing page that uses snippets and tokens and export that landing page as a pdf for the end-user to download? I know there is an Adobe toolbar that allows me to convert a webpage to PDF, but could we/do we have a button on the landing page that allows that same functionality?

By extension, is there a way that a sales person could select which end-user they are meeting and export the appropriate landing page?

Open to idea!

Thanks 🙂
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Re: Export Landing Page as PDF

Though it's not really the intended use for them, you could potentially create unique landing pages for each lead via the personalized URL functionality, and give that to your sales reps to access the appropriate data. Then you fill those pages with lead tokens from Salesforce or whatever CRM you use, and each page will have the unique lead's info on it.

That said, there's no functionality in Marketo to  "export to PDF". There's definitely plenty of freeware "HTML to PDF" converters and plugins that are out there, which may serve this purpose, but it depends on the level of formatting you want in the PDFs. If you want a fancy looking, customized report, you may want to work with a developer to build a report generator. Though if you're going to that extent, it may be easier to hook straight into your CRM and bypass Marketo entirely.