Expired or Unpublished Images

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Expired or Unpublished Images

We're planning on setting up a custom integration for Adobe Assets & Marketo. (The OOTB option unfortunately doesn't meet our Compliance needs.) We're trying to think of a way to identify any assets (images or PDF) once they are expired and/or unpublished so that they are not used in future emails. Since there is no way to add a field to assets uploaded into Design Studio, I was hoping someone might have a suggestion as to how we could do this.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Expired or Unpublished Images

In theory, if the DAM is authoritative, you could (1) prepend [EXPIRED] to the name of the asset and (2) add a redirect rule for the original URL so existing LPs/emails don’t break.


However, this would only work for images, not PDFs — iirc the latter isn’t isn’t affected by redirect rules.


Another take is to write a custom browser extension to enhance the Marketo image picker. We did this for the Bynder DAM, it wasn’t exactly “fun” to develop but it got there.