Excluding members of a list

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Excluding members of a list

I have sent one email send and will be sending a reminder email, but would like to exclude those who have clicked in the first email. Is that possible and if so how?

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Re: Excluding members of a list


Firstly, please move this discussion to Products​ to receive a more prompt response.

As for your question, yes what you can do is in the smart list for the reminder send, bring in the filter:

filter: Not Clicked Link in Email

constraint: Email is: (select first email)

constraint: Link is: (select link in first email)

delete the default Date of Activity constraint

The resulting list will exclude any people who have clicked the defined link in the first email. Make a note however, that not all clicks in that email will have been from the actual person themselves. See: Email was clicked before it was delivered? It's a link scanner