Re: Exclude leads from a nurture campaign

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Exclude leads from a nurture campaign

  • I have a list of 2500 leads with the same status, and I only want to add about 600 of those leads to a nurture campaign. We don't use Salesforce, I upload a master list on a regular basis with lead detail exported from our CRM.

Would I be better off

1 - identifying the leads I don't want included, making a seed list with them, and excluding that list of leads in the smart list logic for my program, or

2 - Creating the program, then

  • Setting 'lead can only go through program one time'
  • Not adding content (yet)
  • Running leads I want to exclude through program to ensure they are not run through again
  • add content
  • begin program so it will affect remaining leads and begin nurture campaign.

In looking at the steps, #1 seems the obvious winner based upon simplicity. Am I on the right path?

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Re: Exclude leads from a nurture campaign

Hello Chris Morris​!

I would definitely go for 1. Much less hassle and you can update the list easily if you need to.

With option 2, once you add the content, you wouldn't be able to run people through to exclude them. Besides, as you said, the simplest solution is usually the best

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Re: Exclude leads from a nurture campaign

Hi Chris,

Is this a smart campaign or a Nurture Program you're asking about?  If it's the first, then it would be better to either filter the records based on some other attribute, or to split the list before you upload it, so only those leads you want are uploaded.

If you're asking about a Nurture Program, it will be better to prevent leads you don't want in the Nurture Program from getting in in the first place.  What I'd recommend is using a smart campaign to add those leads you do want to the program.  The logic in the campaign's smart list will allow you to filter out the unwanted records.

Let me know if I've misunderstood your question.


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Re: Exclude leads from a nurture campaign

Hi John,

This may be a basic question, but if a smart campaign is added to an existing nurture campaign, does it automatically filter out the specified customers from the first email send within the first stream?

For example, we are scheduling an onboarding email nurture campaign, and I only want to have the first email send to anyone that is added to the initial list (as I have to add the list daily, saves the step on having to clone the program daily). Then, from there, the nurture campaign will take over from that point through transition rules. I simply want to make sure the initial smart campaign included within this will ensure that the first email goes to only newly added customers, instead of all.