Exclude & Include Specific SFDC Contacts from Marketo Sync

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Exclude & Include Specific SFDC Contacts from Marketo Sync

We have a smart campaign set up to exclude certain types of contact records from our Marketo database, but I need help figuring out how to set up the smart campaign to add them back to Marketo if their record type changes.

Currently, we exclude a contact record type we've created called "service" because these are users of our software, but not contacts that we want to a) include in our Marketo database - for database size restriction purposes b) include in marketing/communication campaigns. See screenshot for "exclusion smart campaign." Since contact record type doens't sync over to Marketo, we have a separate T/F field that has a workflow to mimic the record type value, for Service Contact = True. This has been working great and doing exactly what we need it to do.

However, we've now realized that occasionally these contacts are changed to be sales contact records, which we want to add back into Marketo and include in marketing campaigns. Because we've deleted the lead from Marketo, the "data value changes" trigger isn't working because Marketo isn't reading that field for that contact any longer. Just changing the contact record type or field in SFDC doesn't automatically push it back into Marketo with the regular syncs.

Can anyone help with a recommendation on how to push a contact back into the Marketo database that we've previously removed, based on contact record type change or data value change? (Whether it be a Marketo smart campaign or workflow logic in SFDC)

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Re: Exclude & Include Specific SFDC Contacts from Marketo Sync

You would need to do this in SFDC to remove the blocking field, change the record type to be visible to Marketo, and then it will sync back.

At least, that's my reading from your setup.