Example order/checkout pages built with Marketo?

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Example order/checkout pages built with Marketo?


I was just wondering if anyone has/knows of any examples of order pages built with Marketo?

The idea is a page where prospects can view the various product packages and features, and use a form to select what they want (eg. they input their details, then go through checking boxes next to the product features they want).

I'm wondering whether this is something we try and do with a Marketo form (and a number of custom fields, of course), or if we just build it with HTML (and possibly use the forms API to capture submissions).

Any thoughts/advice/examples would be much appreciated!

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Re: Example order/checkout pages built with Marketo?

Depends. I'd have to see a mockup.  Visibility Rules can be a help in rapidly developing a dynamic form.  Yet the layout of a Marketo form can also be a hindrance to custom hide/show/append code. You're almost certainly going to end up writing some conditions/product maps in JS... whether the balance is in favor of a fully custom form or an extended Forms 2.0 form depends  on what you want it to do.