Event registration suggestions

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Event registration suggestions

Hi everyone,

I am working on a few external events in the coming months.

All our leads register to attend an event via form fills and are assigned to a particular event campaign.

At the actual event we want to run a registration of customers who actually turn up so this information can be forwarded to our CRM.
i want our receptionists to have an easy way to pull up a customers details from using their email address as a unique ID and then submit to confirm their attendance.

What would be the best approach?

i would like to have a drop down that I can select the relevant marketo event campaign first

Then have an auto populated JSON list of leads email address's who are in the above selected campaign.
is it possible to only display a select list using a Marketo API call from a specific member list?

I know what i want but just trying to work out the best way to approach this using marketo 2.0 forms

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Re: Event registration suggestions

The recommended method in Marketo is not this one.

I would rather create an event program in Marketo for each event, then make people members and use the iPad app to welcome people at the events. It's all build in and easy to set up.


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Re: Event registration suggestions

Agree with Greg.

There are some threads and blogs discussing event program setup. I believe Marketo released new videos on youtube and on University for the basics that will show you what Greg mentioned.

If you need to go beyond that, then you can consider an event tool.