Re: Event Registration Integration: Cvent vs. Bizzabo

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Event Registration Integration: Cvent vs. Bizzabo

We're exploring switching event registration providers and have been really happy with the Cvent<>Marketo custom object integration but are evaluating Bizzabo. They have expressed that they can "build the same" but I'd love to hear from some other Marketo users about their experiences. Has anyone made this switch or used Bizzabo to integrate with Marketo in general? What are your thoughts?

Kim Burditt
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Re: Event Registration Integration: Cvent vs. Bizzabo

I also have questions about Bizzabo....does anyone have any feedback on the product?

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Re: Event Registration Integration: Cvent vs. Bizzabo

We use Bizzabo for our live event registrations (which we aren't doing much of these days). We are still using GoToWebinar for any webinar or "virtual events" that we are doing. We are currently on a plan that doesn't have the full Marketo integration capabilities and in order to get those, we would have to upgrade. Because of that, in the past I've just used Zapier to integrate the event registration data in to Marketo and that's worked pretty well. 


We did recently evaluate upgrading for the full Marketo integration at the beginning of the year and it seems pretty robust and is something we would probably consider as live events start to pick back up for us. We decided to keep running our virtual events and webinars on GoToWebinar because even with the Bizzabo - Marketo integration piece, Bizzabo doesn't have the full integration capabilities for webinar programs like a GoToWebinar, On24, or Cvent because it's not a native Marketo built integration.