Event List Upload

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Event List Upload

Would like to get some Marketo best practices and insight. We get pre-show (event) attendee list that we pre-market to via marketo tools. I recently uploaded a list into a program list asset. I know for a fact that some of the names on this list are already customers, opportunities and/or leads in our sales force instance. We still want these people to stop by and visit our booth. I am worried about duplicates.

1.) Does marketo duplicate these records when I upload into my program list function?

2.) What are best practices for managing this list moving forward with regard to tracking my event ROI.

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Re: Event List Upload

Hi  Allison Isett​,

These two different questions.

1. For duplicates:

Marketo only remove duplicates if he found that the there is an existing record with the same Email ID. If most of the primary fields are same then it will mark it as Possible Duplicate.  To avoid that create a smart list with the email address that you have a find them weather they are present in you DB or not post that you can run a Smart Campaign and mark them as registered or attended depending on the nature.

2. ROI of event will depend on how you have configured your Revenue analyzer. If it only tracks the new opps then the old opps might not get tagged.

Hope it helps    

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Re: Event List Upload


We struggle with this same thing sometimes. First off, if a lead is being added with the same email address, it won't create a duplicate. If however a person uses a personal email address to register for an event, then it will add them again.

But I don't always like trusting automation when there is a potential for human error, so before I add any event list, I scrub it a few times.

1. I ensure that emails are correct - no .co's or anything like that

2. I make sure I'm not adding people that we don't want, like other marketers or analysts, etc. (we don't market to marketers here)

3. I have a master list of client accounts that I run the event list again. If we have clients going, I'll add them in Salesforce in first, so I can assign them to the correct Account owner and let the acct rep know. Then they can send a personalized invite, as well.

4. I double check all of the things

5. Our event coordinator also scrubs the list and will usually distribute it to our sales team, so they have a chance to flag people they really want to meet with. This also helps us determine if we might already have that person in the database

6. I upload it!

It's a process, sure, but when I started, we had so many leads, and a good chunk of them were leads that did us no good. As a B2B company, we don't need students and professors in our database, but we had a ton!

I hope that helps or gives you some ideas!

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Re: Event List Upload

Hi Samantha, do you have a suggestion for running email lists against current customers? Do you do it by hand or is there a tool you use?

Thank you!


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Re: Event List Upload

Hi Allison,

You also want to check that your list has email addresses.  A lot of times they don't have email addresses and this is where if you load them into Marketo, it will create duplicates.

I never load anything into Marketo without an email address.  Step 1 is scrubbing, delete anything without and email address. 

I also load the attendee list into a static list inside the tradeshow program.  I set the status of the tradeshow program to attendee.  When I upload the list, I choose the acquisition program to be that of the tradeshow program

Here are the typical program statuses that I have for a tradeshow program:

Invited (optional)


Visited Booth

1:1 Meeting

Requested Contact

These statuses will vary depending on what your needs are. 

The last 3 statuses are success steps. 

Once the show is over, I upload the names of the people who visited the booth and change the statuses to the appropriate status.  This step is necessary for tracking ROI of the event.

If a person is a member of tradeshow program and reaches a success step Ie visited booth, and that person is placed on an opportunity, then the program will get credit for MT pipeline. 

If person is on the attendee list but is acquired by tradeshow program and did not reach a success step, and is placed on an opportunity, the program will get FT credit.

Make sense?