Errors on Create Aventri<>Marketo Integration

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Errors on Create Aventri<>Marketo Integration

I have recently turned on the Aventri>Marketo integration for our upcoming event, and the records already in Marketo are updating with no issues but every record new to Marketo is erroring and failing to create in Marketo. Aventri is returning these errors:

Lead information not available. Program status sync failed.
Error (#1003): Value for required field 'email' not specified 
All records in question do in fact have email and appear to be formatted just fine. Any ideas?
Kim Burditt
Level 10 - Community Advisor

Re: Errors on Create Aventri<>Marketo Integration

Technically, seems like Aventri is not sending in the email address value set in the email parameter in the JSON while making a call to the leads API endpoint and hence the 1003  'email' not specified code! if you did the field mapping in Aventri, can you please verify the same? If the mapping is accurate, to me this question seems to a bit more relevant for the Aventri support team, but eager to see what rest of the experts here think about this.