Engagement Nurture Issue

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Engagement Nurture Issue

Hello Marketo Experts,


So i have an Engagement Nurture Program that was active from January 2020 until two weeks ago. We had to paused it to update all email copies to be inline with our New Company's brand guideline - we cloned the emails, archived the old ones and retain the asset names.


Last week, I reactivated the program. I'm supposed to receive the 4th Email (the emails are sent on a monthly basis) but to my surprise, I received the Email #1. I run a smart list to check those who were delivered email 4 and got 0 records.


It was answered here that since I changed the emails, even though I retained the asset names, Marketo treated them new ones as these new assets now have new IDs.


My question now is what can I do to exclude the other emails (2 and 3) so the records will not receive them on the next casts and receive the next email instead?


To give you a better picture, here's the scenario:


Record A has been in the program for 4 months already. He already received emails 1-3 (emails are being sent on a monthly basis). He is supposed to receive email 4 this month but since we changed the emails, he received email 1 again. What can we do for Record A to not receive emails 2-3 and receive email 4 instead on the next cast? Note that we are also adding new records to the program on a monthly basis manually.


Thank you and looking forward to your response.

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Re: Engagement Nurture Issue

Hi Robert


I'm guessing they are email casts, not nested programs that contain the emails? If so then that makes it a little more problematic. With a nested program you can "make people members" of the relevant program to get Marketo to skip that cast. I don't think you can do that with standalone emails. So. Here is what you will need to do. There may be a simpler way but I don't know it....


1. Create a Default type program for each new email you have in the engagement program, nested in the engagement program. 

2. Drag your new emails into that program (or if you can't do that, clone the email in). 

3. Create a smart campaign in each Default program. Trigger should be "member of engagement program is (your engagement program)". Flow is Send Email, the email in that Default program.

4. Do this for all emails that should be in the engagement program.

5. In the engagement content stream, click "add content", then "Program", and then select the first program you have built. Select the only smart campaign in that program. Do this for all Programs you created, and put them in the order you need. 


Now. You will have more flexibility since if you make a person a member of any of those nested programs, when it's time to cast, Marketo will think they have already received it, and skip them and immediately go to the next program. 


6. Run a smart list to show everyone who has received the duplicates for Program 1. Eg. If your email is called "welcome email", you probably now have "welcome email" (the original one in the engagement program), "welcome email copy" (the clone you made) and maybe now even "welcome email 3" (to clone it into the default program!). So set up your smart list criteria as "was sent email" and put those three emails in. With the people that are returned, click "select all" in the smart list, then "change program status", select the Default program that corresponds with the email, and change status to "member". 

7. Do this for all Default programs.

8. Activate the Default programs.


So. Now you will have everyone who has EVER received the Welcome Email (regardless of ID) with the Program Status of "Member", for that Default program that is in the engagement program. So when Marketo goes to cast, it will skip it. The same logic applies for all other programs if you follow the same steps.


You can read more about this concept here, it's quite powerful: https://nation.marketo.com/t5/Product-Blogs/Building-an-advanced-email-queue-with-Marketo-Engagement.... Long story short - use Default Programs not Emails in Engagement Programs, you'll be glad you did later!