Re: Employees in the Database

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Employees in the Database

We are trying to figure out the best scenario in which we can allow company employees to download assets from our landing pages (using the company email address) while still not counting them for reporting purposes. For anyone who has dealt with this issue, what is your setup so that you can ensure your page views and download numbers are free of employee data? Deleting them from the database will help for Smart Lists but not reports.


Eitan Rapps
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Re: Employees in the Database

Easy. To do it at the program level, simply exclude your email domain within the smartlist tab of the smart campaign that handles those conversions. This will block them from your flow where you'd be setting status changes, attribution etc etc.


[Trigger] Fills out form X


[Filter} email address 'not contains'

There are more advanced/robust ways of excluding internal traffic though.