Embedded Lightbox Forms with Landing Pages

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Embedded Lightbox Forms with Landing Pages

When I embed the lightbox code for a form on an external page and a user completes the form - the setting in forms 2 "Stay on page" brings them back to the same page but pops up the form again. 
I spoke with Marketo for the lightbox form embed and there isn't a way to prevent the page from reloading using Marketo.
They suggest I hire a web developer create a custom script so that it doesn't "pop" the lightbox if it sees a Marketo cookie has been created due to the form being filled out.
I thought the purpose of having Marketo was to not have to hire developers.  Isn’t this a pretty common workflow and therefore a no popup script exist in the community for sharing?
Any suggestions?
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Re: Embedded Lightbox Forms with Landing Pages


There are a number of unique situations that are best done with custom jquery or javascript. Yes, Marketo can do a lot for you without a developer, but it cannot anticpate every situation.

In your case, maybe they need to update their code to avoid this problem, but in the meantime, you'd need a developer to fix it.